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Exclusive and high-quality premium magnetic jewellery since 1960. In the 70ies the brand became in USA a high-quality fashion brand which only was to get at top addresses, i.g. Cartier New York. Creative jewellery designer develop timeless lifestyle designs. Quality products for ladies and gents are available in the exclusive direct shop.

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Sabona of London, a name people trust

Sabona of London has been established for over 50 years and has a long history as the premier manufacturer and marketer of copper and magnetic jewellery worldwide!
Sabona of London Bracelets and Bangles are worn by people from all works of life and many high profile personalities and many international sports men and women.

The expanded Sabona of London product line includes:
Copper Bangles Magnetic and Non Magnetic and
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets as well as
Copper Thread Supports.

Sabona of London Copper Bangles — copper is an essential element
Various forms of copper have been used throughout the history of mankind. The ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Persien, Hindu and Aztec writing record various consistent uses of copper.
Sabona of London Bangles are made from the purest copper sources (99% pure copper), which is important because many competitive copper bracelets have traces of nickel content which is not recommended. The Bangles are attractively designed and comfortable to wear. They have added two magnets of 1200 up to 1800 Gauß on either end of the bracelet on the underside.
Sabona of London Copper Bangles are available as a plain finish or as silver plated or 24 carat gold plated.
The Sabona of London Copper Bangle can be worn continuously, including whilst sleeping and bathing. It should be removed once a week to clean inside.
We recommend that the copper bangle should be replaced approx. every two years as the copper dissolves when exposed to the body's perspiration.

Sabona of London Magnetic Link Bracelets — attractive timeless expressions
Sabona of London uses rust resistant 1200 Gauß Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo) magnets, all placed bio-north to the skin and offer a range of different styles of magnetic bracelets for men and women.

Copper Thread Support Garments (Thermal Copper Insulation, TCI)
A line of supports for the knee, ankle, elbow, etc. that feature 5% copper thread in the fabric (Thermal Copper Insulation, TCI). Sabona of London Support Garments add support and warmth to muscles and joint areas. TCI with added copper thread is woven into a special blend of fabrics. The copper in the TCI conducts natural body heat, and as the body warms the copper, it in turn retains the heat generated and stores it within the fabric.

Magnetic products are considered unproven remedies and their action is not recognized in regular medicine. Magnetic products are not to be seen as a substitute for medically prescribed treatments.

Magnetic products should not be worn by small children or if you have an electric implant fittet such as a pacemaker of if you are pregnant. If you are in doubt, consult your doctor with regular medical care.